New Brand – Strategy & Visual Identity: RightsZone

RightsZone needed an identity and brand story as they went to market. We built a clear, bespoke design style and tone of voice to support the brand values, mission and story, developed as part of this project. Templates and easy-to-follow guidelines have ensured materials and messaging have been consistent and reinforce the compelling RightsZone story as their business has grown.

As with all projects, this started with a workshop with the team to understand how they saw their business, and begin to draw out the brand personality. The team are a total dream – passionate, creative, and experts in their field – the task was to bring this personality to the RightsZone brand. I wrote their mission, vision and values based on the output of the workshop and conversations with the team, and worked to ensure the tone of voice across all brand elements reflected the individuality of the team and brand.

Working alongside Becky Chilcott, the visual brand was created in support of this story, with a bright colour palette and clear, accesible typeface working alongside the confident logotype. This is a team who know what they are doing, and have fun doing it.

“Working with Nicky to create our brand was a crucial component of our start-up journey. As a team we were confident we were developing a great product, but were a bit lost when it came to how to explain what we were doing and why it was important to the outside world. Nicky facilitated a brand workshop, working with the whole team to draw out “the essence of RightsZone”. Having someone really understand what you are trying to do and why and translating that into an articulate and purposeful brand story with visual elements to match was an incredibly powerful experience. It gave us such clarity in terms of understanding what we wanted RightsZone to be for ourselves as well as for our customers. It has had a huge impact on the business, guiding and shaping our approach on everything from product development to customer support as well as sales and marketing. I can’t recommend working with Nicky highly enough and would encourage any business to sit down for a cup of tea with Nicky to find out how she can elevate your brand.”

– Clare Hodder