Rebrand: Practical Inspiration Publishing & Alison Jones

Alison Jones’ trio of businesses all share the same community. They also share a (not so secret) weapon: Alison herself! Alison is so incredibly inspiring and creative, I felt it was important that these brands reflected her personality and authority. Working with Alison and her team, I created a mission and vision statement that was appropriate for the brand family, and the values that underpin the way Alison supports her clients. A new visual identity, tone and brand guidelines followed, reflecting the ethos of the brands across all touchpoints. Templates and assets enable Alison’s team to quickly create new presentations and marketing assets with a consistent look and feel.

During guided workshop sessions with Alison, I worked to understand how the three businesses interact, how they had grown and developed, and how Alison viewed the future of her portfolio. I listened to how Alison descibes her work, and from these conversations drafted initial mission, vision and values statements. These were shaped as Alison shared them with her team, and formed the foundation for the work on a new visual identity.

At the design stage, I shared options for logotypes and approach. I prefer to work collaboratively (it’s your brand, after all!), and listening to Alison’s feedback I refined my designs. Typography, palette and application were all considered at this stage and adjustments were made to ensure everything was working together and reflected the brand personality.

“Working with Nicky was such an energising, enjoyable experience: she took the time and trouble to understand our ambitions . . . and the way she helped us articulate our values and personality has benefited us in every aspect of marketing. The design process was collaborative and clear: at each stage Nicky sought our feedback and listened deeply, refining her ideas, until we had a visual identity that simply delighted us and encapsulated the brand perfectly. I cannot recommend Nicky highly enough.”

– Alison Jones